Our firm maintains an active practice related to litigation of suits involving issues of insurance and coverage. We have successfully litigated against the country’s largest insurance companies including State Farm, Unum, Provident, Prudential, American Medical Security, Nationwide, Allstate, Florida Farm Bureau, Liberty Mutual and The Hartford, to name a few. We represent insureds against insurance companies to obtain coverage with regard to all types of insurance policies including homeowners, life insurance, disability and auto insurance. We also represent individuals and companies who have been sued and whose insurance companies have denied coverage in general liability claims, auto claims, commercial claims and professional liability claims.

It is important to know that in cases that involve insurance claims, there may be applicable statutes that include an attorney’s fee provision. This means that we may be able to seek our attorney’s fees from the insurance company instead of charging our own clients for our work. This is why it is important to seek legal advice, even if you believe your claim is small or it is not worth hiring an attorney.